A New Mix called Carry Less

As with all the mixes born here, this one was not created in a vacuum. The support you asked for, your stories, and what I was trying to figure out in my own life created a synchronicity of events that suggested it was time for a new mix. When I asked the upstairs staff if this was so, they kicked in immediately with this mix to support us.

I love your stories and I am lucky to hear a lot of them. Right now, many of your stories hold a common thread revealing a common struggle a lot of us are having. Right now, many of you describe feeling deeply tired of your ideas about life. It isn’t that you are tired with your life, but you are tired of your approach to your life and your view of your life.

You note that your ideas feel like confining thought loops that cut you off from genuine experience. The specifics thought loops leaving you exhausted and numb are deeply varied. Many of you describe being weary of ideas about how much you have to do to feel like enough. Many are weary of a belief system that leaves you feeling anxious and afraid. Others of you are tired with your ideas about what success looks like. Some of you want to be done with the pervasive notion that you must rush yourselves through life as if it is a race to the finish. Others mention being weary of patterns of relentlessly judging both your own and other peoples’ confusions and decisions with a values system that no longer feels right. You describe being sick of shoulds built on convictions and opinions that feel claustrophobic and limiting. I hear a collective weariness with the limitations of our own points of view and the ways we each respond from within these views.

One commonality in your stories is the depths of your weariness with long held core beliefs that suddenly feel wrong. You describe a wrenching emotional process to own these feelings of discomfort with long held ideas. You recognize these long held ideas are constricting, even claustrophobic filters keeping out the world and narrowing your experience of life. They are inhibiting your ability to see and binding you from genuine experiences of being here now. You agree it is discard time, but how?

At first I considered each confining thought pattern you mentioned and offered specific Flower Essence suggestions for the specific binding. As I heard a flood of stories about this pervasive weariness with old frames of reference, I realized it was the whole pattern of holding onto thoughts as right, true, or important that is the gist of the difficulty. Yes, it was important to support the release of specific ideas with specific Flower Essences, but it also felt important to support the dynamic of releasing long held beliefs in general. This is really what Carry Less is about.

A few years ago, in the middle of some difficulty, the Angels told me that I needed to decide between picking through my trash as I threw it overboard or simply throwing it ALL overboard. Ah yes, what a habit us humans have made of holding onto our garbage. But lately there seems to be a collective desire to throw it all overboard in one swift motion. And without sorting! This remedy will help us with this process of efficiently dumping it all, hence the Angels’ name for this remedy, Carry Less.

My habits of picking over the garbage on its way to the dumpster leaves me wondering why this dumping feels so necessary right now. I really don’t know, but it appears to be a pressing need. So many of you have connected with us to speak of uncovering core ideas that are strangling the lifeblood out of you and your lives right now. Perhaps the rising vibration of this beautiful planet makes thoughts that might have fit our lives not very long ago feel downright uncomfortable now. Perhaps there is an entirely different reason why so many feel an urgent need to let go of their burdensome ideas right now. All I know for certain is that the discomfort felt by so many of us galvanized me to want to make a new mix and when I went to ask the Angels what to include in the mix, I was given the formula for Carry Less with a clarity and speed that made it apparent that this remedy’s time was now.

Sanskara is a word used to describe these filters clouding our experience of reality, the filters that Carry Less offers support to unbind and release.

Sanskaras are imprints left on the subconscious mind by experiences from this or previous lives. They influence our nature, behavior, responses, state of mind, and experience of life. According to Meher Baba, sanskaras are impressions or trace memories accumulated through evolution and over the course of the evolution of consciousness in human reincarnations. They are not a substance nor a force or energy but are best understood in more psychological terms. For Meher Baba, consciousness, not matter or energy, is the intrinsic substance of reality. Thus sanskaras, as the smallest building blocks of consciousness, could be described as ways of experiencing.

By their very nature sanskaras narrow our ability to experience fully, being themselves a kind of filter limiting full perception. It is not that sanskaras limit reality so much as they limit our experience of reality.

This is because sanskaras, once acquired and accumulated, form a sort of multilayered lens through which we perceive our experiences. They are filters that block us from experiencing what really IS in this now. Sanskaras are useful in that they create a bridge to consciousness, but then they serve no further purpose. They are actually a hindrance to full consciousness and God realization. The goal for humans is to be rid of our sanskaras through a process of unwinding them from our consciousnesses. Life experiences can unwind sanskaras as does contact with perfect God realized teachers, but often life experiences add, rather than remove, sanskaras.

Flower Essences unwind sanskaras. By their very nature they ARE about sanskara release. While so many things and experiences clutter our consciousness with more obscuring data, creating more sanskaras, Essences unburden us and set us on a course to simply BE. Each Flower Essence supports a release of a specific illusion or sanskara. Each release moves us towards an experience of self beyond bindings.

Over the years we have created combination mixes that pool the gifts of many Flower Essences to unbind certain bigger sanskaric themes. For example, your requests for and my need for a remedy that would help unbind us from illusions of tribe and family led to the creation of the family river trio of Bloodroot, Black Currant and Borage. Your requests and my desire to disentangle myself from counter productive bindings to other people, and find freedom from concern about the opinions of others or even the opinions of myself led to the creation of our mix All Ego Contracts Null & Void.

The need to unbind and release emotional scars led to the creation of Abandonment & Abuse. Many of the combination remedies of the Animal Wellness collection as well as the other combination remedies were created to support the unbinding of specific groups of sanskaras.

Fro example, each Venus Garden concerns itself with a shedding of a group of sanskaras. From the first Eight Garden that helped us shed sanskaras about what could be healed to the latest, Don’t Worry Be Happy, that helps free us from the illusion that worry not happiness should be our daily fare, all of the Venus Garden Essences have supported our pursuit of freedom from filters, illusions, in a word, sanskaras.

Carry Less supports the whole dynamic of sanskara release. It helps expedite this release process much like a bowl might make mixing a batch of ingredients together easier or the right tool for the job might make a repair go much faster. Carry Less helps you make the most of the support you are receiving to let go of sanskaras into a greatly expanded experience of self.

I AM my true self revealed

Alfalfa, Batchelor Buttons, Bay Cedar, Bee Balm, Box Briar, Box Elder (Ashleaf Maple), Comfrey, Coralita, Daffodil, Easter Lily Vine, Eyes of Mary, Flowering Quince, Flow Free, Grape, Joe Pye Weed, Lily of the Valley, Love in a Mist, Meadow Rue, Mehera, Orange , Osmanthus, Paper Birch, Pavonia Spinifex, Pink Water Lily, Pumpkin, Purple Leafed Chokecherry, Rosa Glauca, Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean, Scarlet Pimpernel, Spiderwort, Turk’s Cap Cactus, White Water Lily, Wild Yellow Lily, Yellow Mullein,Yellow Water Lily

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