I am not much of a rules girl. For all the fact that I grew up in a family with so many iron clad rules that members of the clan saw it as a call to arms if someone suggested using a different brand of mayonnaise than Hellman’s, well the graft didn’t take very well.

And when I threw off the family rules in a smooth twenty five forty fifty year ongoing process of soul searching, tears, journal writing, manure shoveling, and messy choices, I did my best to throw off the idea of rules in any form as well. I am not talking “its okay to steal a car because I want to” sort of break out from rules. I am just saying that my only way forward to escape the tyranny of my family’s rules was to learn to trust my own heart over their rules and this led to trusting my heart over other people’s rules as well.

Once you conquer the big enchilada of throwing off tribal rules, it’s downhill from there and a natural progression to trust your own heart’s voice over the voice of anyone else.

And one more caveat before today’s growl about one rule in particular. It’s not that I don’t learn from other people’s ideas, because I do or that I don’t like groups, because that’s not true either. It’s just that I prefer groups brought together by love or curiosity. I just am not crazy about groups brought together by rules, such as ideological groups that want to impose their rules on everyone in the group and everyone else besides.

This reluctance to be a rules girl with family rules or any other set of rules set me up well for my life and work with Flower Essences because as far as I am concerned FLOWER ESSENCES ARE NOT ABOUT RULES!

Hence begins today’s growl.

On Monday, I got an email from a lovely woman who is teaching a series of classes about Flower Essences to a gathering of healers in Georgia. Those gathered wondered why some companies had iron clad rules about how many Flower Essences to work with at a time and she wondered what I thought about this. She also wondered if the fact that Green Hope Farm literature said the more Flower Essences the merrier while other literature from other lines said just three or just seven reflected a difference in strength.

When Janice’s email arrived, I was in a bit of an ornery mood due to all my technology learning lessons so when I answered her I wasn’t perhaps as politic as I sometimes am. The bottom line, and this is what I told her, is that this “too much” rule is my biggest bone to pick with information presented about Flower Essences by other people.

THIS KIND OF RULE, make that ANY KIND OF RULE, about how to work with Flower Essences is UNNECESSARY and COUNTERPRODUCTIVE!

If we were talking about dosages of weapons grade plutonium or even a chemical remedy like aspirin, rules would be vital. But FLOWER ESSENCES ARE NOT CHEMICAL! FLOWER ESSENCES ARE INFORMATION!

In truth, I simply do not understand why people continue to SCARE people about Flower Essences with this illusionary idea about “too much.”

Yes, I am a broken record about this, but it bears saying again and again. Flower Essences are vibrational information. They are something your electrical system reads then decides for itself whether to use the pertinent guidance. Any change made after working with Flower Essences is a change your electrical system initiates. Flower Essences do nothing. They can only offer your electrical system possible solutions to it’s difficulties.

They are not chemicals imposed upon your body chemistry like all the Febreeze being sprayed around America. They are information offered to your electrical system in a completely “take it or leave it manner.” Your electrical system decides what to do with the information of Flower Essences. Yes, your wise, life affirming, health seeking, electrical system makes its OWN decisions about what to do with the data of Flower Essences.

The same could not be said of a close encounter with Febreeze.

Okay, so I am also having a moment of growling about Febreeze too, but isn’t anyone else worried that if the EPA says that 80-90% of human cancer is caused by exposure to toxins in our environment, then maybe it’s not such a hot idea to spray so many toxic chemicals about the house?

This makes the fear mongering about a product made from a member of the mint family, vinegar, water and the electrical pattern of a Flower and one that doesn’t have to be ingested to share its helpful information all the more bizarre.

Here is my email to the lovely woman in Georgia,

“This is how I have come to explain WHY I DISAGREE with the old guard; All day long we are exposed to good, bad, and indifferent electrical information in people, places, things, nature.

For example, as we pass people on the street we get exposed to a lot of the information of their electrical system and often we read all this data even as we just walk by them. This is because we are always on a search for good data for our electrical system to learn from. WHY? Because our electrical system is wired to seek upgrades, improvements, and better health. Our electrical systems want to read and learn from everything we are exposed to.

THEREFORE on any given day, we read a lot of electrical information. In fact, this is the primary way we learn. The Angels often remind me that 75 % of what happens in any situation is an exchange of vibrational data done silently. For example, a spiritual teacher with a great vibration can read the phone book to an audience and the audience can learn a lot. Whereas a spiritual teacher with a low vibration could read the wisdom of the ages and not as much would get accomplished as with the telephone book exchange.

Flower Essences are excellent, high vibration spiritual teachers! When we choose to work with Flower Essences we are self selecting GOOD electrical data. We are setting ourselves up to read good and possibly extremely helpful information for our health and spiritual wellbeing.

I have NEVER had an Angel say that a lot of good electrical information is TOO MUCH. I also have never experienced that in myself or with someone using a lot of Flower Essences. NEVER!

If we were unable to process tons of electrical data each day of all kinds we would have to live in isolation from community. We actually would not be able to be in a body!

I have never understood people creating fear in others about working with many Flower Essences and all their good data at once. Frankly, I think the times call for it and our electrical systems are up to it.

And as far as whether other companies Flower Essences are “stronger.” I am sure people can answer that question for themselves! Our bodies know what we hanker to tune into and learn from! I need make no comment here for the truth of this to be self evident. I trust each person working with Essences to KNOW the answer to this for themselves!

The whole discussion is a RED HERRING that I simply do not understand people sticking with!

Sorry to be so heated but you can well imagine how often I have to work to dismantle this idea in the world!”

Thus did I answer this email. Thus do I tilt at the windmill of this rule in the world.

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