Thoughts on a Holiday SOS

Let’s face it. This is not the easiest month to be a woman. I mean, most women only have four hands and this month they need twelve. When a woman finds a nano second to email us this month, it’s often one word, HELP.

I was mightily impressed with the eloquence of the following SOS email. It summed up the condition of being for womankind in America in the month of December and wasn’t the kind of half fried, typo ridden thing I probably am answering you all with this month. My only complaint about this email is that her remark about almost being done with her shopping puts her wildly ahead of me and I suspect most of us in the shopping category. But please don’t correct me if I am wrong and I am the only woman who is not on top of her shopping. I would rather think that I won’t be alone with a thousand glazed eyed men on Christmas Eve when I finally get to the shops. I have modified my shopping marathon over the years to only doing stockings for the kids. So far, I have plenty for Ben’s stocking, a few things for Lizzy’s and two bags of golden coins for the toes of the stockings for Will and Emily. That is it. When do I panic? Don’t tell me that either.

Back to what I was saying before I drifted off into my own private shopping reverie. Here’s the email that says it so well from a dear old Green Hope Farm friend named Catherine,

“What Essence would you recommend for assistance in staying sane amidst all the holiday madness? I seem to feel a fairly high level of stress/anxiety/pressure despite the fact that most of my shopping is done. The atmosphere seems to be pervaded with this frenzied activity that we MUST partake of and I am having difficulty screening it out. I love this time of year for its darkness, depth and potential for deep silence and drinking in the sacred stillness. Help!”

It’s a rough job I have, testing possible helpful remedies for a situation like this. Of course the old standby, Anxiety Essence, goes in my water. I think the Red Clover in this is a particular support in not getting caught up in the hysteria.

I also love Maple for its centering, grounding energy. It reminds us enough is enough in the most sweet and solid way.

I also keep going to the often overlooked but incredible Essence friend Rose a Parfum de l’Hay. This gorgeous Rose is all about feeling satisfied with what is. The Guidebook says “It helps relieve us of any feeling of lack or sacrifice, revealing the abundance and complete harmony of what is already in our lives. It energetically releases any restless desire for more, bigger, better or different by bringing us into the fullness of the Now.” This definition still feels a bit stuffy to me and not quite as emphatic as I would wish. The Essence has more snap to it. There is something about this Rose Essence that short circuits any escalating situation and returns us to knowing the wholeness that already is. That’s big this month of the year.

Of course there is always the combination remedy, All Ego Contracts Null and Void. Was there ever a time of year more in need of this one? It helps us break old bindings and think anew about what we really feel called to do and what can let go of with no attachment.

When Catherine emailed, the Angels also suggested one other remedy, The Alignment Garden, and that felt profoundly right. Again, this is one that I described in the Guide with too many words, none of which do justice to this Venus Garden beauty. The gist of its service is to help us know what our soul calls us to do and to help us stay in alignment with this knowing. If someone knows that December for her precious soul is really meant to be about being quiet, it helps her find the peaceful calm to do that, resistant, almost like teflon, to the demands, expectations, and general hysteria around her that would call her from her purpose.

Do you think Emily and William will buy this when they get a stocking with a few chocolate coins in it?

Yes, yes, I know, life, especially in December, is a compromise. I have to go out and get a full stocking’s worth for Emily and Will, but working with this Essence, I can do this more lightly. It can even be fun! With this Essence’s help, I can go out and be in the world, but not of it, so to speak. There is just something about the Alignment Garden Essence that helps us live out these necessary compromises with a light heart because we are so suffused with a joyful knowing that our lives matter and we are right smack dab in the thick of them.

Love and Blessings to all of you on this Monday morning!

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