Lucky Planets

Emily recently learned in an environmental science class that if there are two cars and one bicyclist on a stretch of deserted highway, there is a greater likelihood than there should be statistically that all three vehicles will meet on the highway simultaneously. Coincidentally, Lizzy had just been to a physics lecture that explained why this happens. It happens because we all have a slight gravitational field pulling us towards each other.

Of course because I am me, I have to run with this fun fact way beyond what either the environmental science teacher or the physics professor had in mind.

So, I have begun to think of each of us as planets with our own gravitational fields. We each have a physical body with unique surface contours and the invisible inner terrain of a planet. We have an emotional field extending out from our physical body and also interpenetrating our physical body. We also have a mental body and a memory body interpenetrating all these other fields. It’s like we have an atmosphere, one that may be clogged up with emotional and mental pollution or lit up by great love.

Why dwell on this delightful notion of all of us orbiting each other in a wild dance of planets?

People often ask me where to begin with Flower Essences. Something happened this week that made me realize it doesn’t matter AT ALL where you begin. Pick any situation or any symptom. Then pick some Essences. Or visa versa. No matter what you pick, any Essences you choose will bring a skill set so dovetailed to supporting your multi dimensional energy system, your multi faceted planet, that the Essences support is rarely going to be a straight forward tale of Essence A helped only Problem B, end of story.

The story is going to be way better than that!

The process of healing with Flower Essences is not a linear journey in which the issue you wanted to heal with your choice of Essences resolves ONLY that issue. Any Flower Essences you work with address all your different energy fields and therefore offer support on many levels for many different issues. Whatever issue you started to work on will rarely be the only thing that got healing support.

Why are Flower Essences so outside a linear and limited healing framework?

Flower Essences are not man made tools, so they are not limited by the human mind.

Flower Essences are not creations of a limited consciousness. They are schematics of successful divine systems offering the wisdom of their evolution. Their blueprints offer electrical information to help unravel every possible kind of knot within our equally complex though often not as evolved matrixes. The electrical solutions are as multi faceted as our electrical systems and therefore go in all directions in our systems to offer support.

It’s not that all Flowers have finished their evolutionary work, because many are still evolving. Flower Essences’ strengths as healing tools come because Flower Essences more completely relay their healing information than other modalities of healing.

With a Flower Essence, no wisdom needs to be left behind because it was squeezed through one person’s limited understanding during its creation. Let’s say, I was trying to make a vibrational remedy in a lab. Even if I had Einstein’s brain, I would never get as far as a Flower gets naturally. Maybe I could drum up one vibrational frequency that would help one small facet of a problem, a tool for one issue.

I would say this is the problem with man made healing tools. The tool can only be as good as the limitations of the mind that conceived it. And we got limitations! But Flower Essences come to us as a transfer of electrical information. Flower Essences are a system of healing coming from the divine mind of Nature not the limited human mind.

It is the divinity of Nature and divinity of the Flowers that creates the multi dimensional healing electrical pattern of the Flower. It is Nature and the Flowers that transfer this pattern into the Flower Essence. The only limitations of a Flower Essence comes from how the humans CONTAIN the Essence. This is why we spend so much time and effort to provide the highest vibrational container we can for Green Hope Farm’s Flower Essences. This is why we use Red Shiso. This is why we try to do everything with love, as well as bottle everything to the specifications of the Angels of Flower Essences. We can’t make these great tools in any real sense of the word, but we can get out of the way and not mess with their perfection.

Back to that initial experience of picking an issue then choosing Flower Essence support. One analogy for this is to think of any problem we are aware of in our energy field as a strand hanging out of a knotted ball of string. This hanging strand gets our attention as a problem to be solved, even though it may not be our most serious problem. Not to worry, the irritating strand gets things started. We want to untangle this strand from the knotted ball and unravel the issue.

With Flower Essences this impulse can start a long chain of healing events. With other modalities, given their narrower focus on the single strand issue, the possibilities for radical healing are more limited.

If we can start in with Flower Essences and then let ourselves be led on this journey from Essence to Essence without necessarily understanding exactly what is going on, then we free up the process to heal ourselves in profound and unexpected ways. When we surrender any need to control, we let Flower Essences work in their powerful albeit mysterious ways. We open to receive the enormous, multi faceted gifts of divine mind. The whole knotted ball can become looser and looser until not only the precipitating issue and its strand of string unravels, but many, many other incredible knots unravel as well.

This is the difference between a divine tool and a tool created from the limited framework of a human mind. The Essences are a divine gift from the divine mind. We need not try to control or even understand what Flower Essences give us or what our own divine energy system makes of them. We just need to go along for the ride and see the wonderful things that unfold as knots fall apart and unravel.

This is why, despite all my words and descriptions of Flower Essences, I really hope you just wander with them in a construct that has nothing to do with what I have written. My mind is as limited as the next mind and so when I write about Essences I have profoundly narrowed the description of their gifts! Fortunately, that doesn’t narrow their actual gifts!

In my own personal process with Flower Essences, I try to surrender my ideas about what Flower Essences to work with to the Angel’s guidance, messages in dreams, what my hands pull off the Essence shelves, unexplained hankerings for this Essence or that Essence, and other approaches that sidestep my mind’s more analytical and limited approach. Yes, for mundane strands from my knotted ball like poison ivy, I use Healthy Coat, but I also try to avail myself to the suggestions that make no sense. These are the ones I suspect often do the most profound unravelling of my knotty ball of string.

As I have mentioned before in the blog, the Angels recently asked me to put drops of Flow Free, a combination remedy from the Animal Wellness Collection, in a quart jar of water each day and to drink this without fail. Often I add other Essences, but this is the backbone of the jar of water. One morning this past weekend, I grabbed a few moments of quiet to work on Will’s afghan ( YES! It is done! Photo soon! ). I was knitting in a spot where I could see a patch of sunlight shining through my sparkling quart jar of Flow Free Essence in water. I wasn’t really paying much attention to the scene when suddenly I noticed there was a brilliant patch of pink light in front of me. I have never had any training in seeing auras, but sometimes, through no volition of my own, I see colors around people or see color in the skies over Green Hope Farm. I often see pink in the Green Hope skies and I have come to think of this as yet another way the Angels make their loving presence felt in my life. So as I knit, I enjoyed this companionship. I reached for my Flow Free water and after a sip, I put the jar down in a different place and the light moved. As I moved my quart of water around so went the pink light. The pink light was part of the Flow Free water.

This startled me out of my limited linear mind. Yes, I slip into it all too frequently. In this case, I had settled on a mind idea that I was taking the Flow Free to help me adjust to going from a summer household of six big bodies to a fall household in which everyone but me is away with activities elsewhere. This pink light threw all my assumptions into the air. I had to face a richer, more mysterious truth. I have no idea what the Flow Free is for in my life or why it would have this brilliant beautiful pink light with it.

But mercifully, if I have learned anything on this journey with Flower Essences, it is that I don’t need to know what an Essence is doing, that I can truly rest in the truth that this divine and safe tool is helping my energy system in ways only a divine mind could fathom. All I need to bring to the table is a willingness to follow the process and go with the flow, so to speak. Love and gratitude for these tools may not be necessary, but it floods forward anyways.

And so I took another sip and considered this. We certainly are lucky planets, each and every one of us. So much love offered by divine mind in such ordinary ways. That Flower Essence water you are sipping? Who knows what gifts it brings? And that Rose you smelled on the way to work? No doubt it flooded the atmosphere of your own personal planet with the grace of its divine love. We are lucky planets that meet and greet all creation in this dance of gravitational pull. And the gifts of our daily orbits are something only divine mind can understand.

I am grateful though that our hearts are not as limited as our minds. Our hearts can flood to the full and thus receive with gratitude these gifts of divine mind. What good news that is.

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