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In the meantime, I think maybe I will go back outside and enjoy the arrival of a Flower


or two


or the happy sight of a honeybee in amongst the blossoms.


New Desert Wildflowers

The Mojave Desert


Part 1 The Spiritual Significance of Deserts and their Wildflowers

Over the years, the Angels have encouraged me to write about the spiritual significance of different eco-systems on Earth. Today, they ask me to write about the deserts of Earth.

Deserts are not the most toxic places on Earth, but they are the most abused. Deserts are landscapes that have born so much abuse in previous eras that they have scarred over into what appears to be dead zones.

As humanity confronts the need to change course and save Earth from more depredations, it is important to look at deserts for the messages they carry.

Before you despair any further, the Angels note, “We come to tell you that the messages from the deserts will cheer you. In a word, the messages are ones of HOPE. Even in a suffering desert landscape, a place that appears beyond salvage, there is an upwelling of life in the blossoming of Wildflowers.

Desert Wildflowers embody the possibility of renewal. They embody the truth that no landscape and no person is beyond redemption, beyond the grace of a new life, and the healing of old wounds.

Wildflowers in the desert not only indicate healing of abused landscapes is possible, their electrical patterns are part of the healing process.

It is the tendency of the human mind to separate self-care from planetary care. The mind says, “I must get what I need at the expense of everyone and everything else.” This is the attitude that created deserts. Deserts reflect illusions of separation and otherness.

The human heart knows self-care is care of all creation. The human heart knows, “You and I are not we but One.” It is a collective of human hearts working in harmonious oneness with Nature that will heal the deserts and other damaged places on Earth.

Like the human heart, Wildflowers know themselves to exist in oneness with all creation. They know their vibrational gifts are for EVERYONE. When they bloom, they give to their landscape, give to themselves, and give to whatever life populates their realm.

To visit the Desert Wildflowers is to be bathed in hope and vibrations of renewal. They extend their gifts of healing and hope to a much larger community when transformed into Desert Wildflower Essences.

As you read the following descriptions of Desert Wildflower Essences, you may notice how frequently the Essences focus on healing from abusive situations. You may ask why Desert Wildflowers would be more adept at healing wounds of abuse than the Flowers of other eco-systems.

In order to blossom in an abused landscape, a desolate place of extremes, little physical nourishment and rare precipitation, Desert Wildflowers evolve an ability to find the goodness and sustenance that is available in their environment. They learn to seize any given window of opportunity that allows them to thrive and express their radiant selves. They learn how to transmute a situation of abuse and flourish. How to accomplish this triumph over adversity is the vibrational wisdom they give as Flower Essences, showing the abused places in us how to likewise heal and flourish.

The following Desert Wildflower Essences were made in Death Valley, the Mojave Desert and in the case of the White Flower from Druid Rock, in the Sierra Nevada near Bishop, CA in March of 2008 by Elizabeth Sheehan.

Death Valley
In the Sierra Nevada



Arizona Lupine Lupinus arizonicus
“Like my sisters in the Lupine genus, one of my vibrational gifts concerns water. My expertise, given my evolution in desert locales, is to make the most of whatever water is available. I know how to manage hydration without much actual water, a skill I pass on electrically via proximity to my Flowers or via my Flower Essence. Not surprisingly, I have other resource management skills.

I indicate to bees which of my Flowers have already been pollinated. I change the color of the splotch on my Flower banner from a pre-pollination cream color to a post pollination deep magenta color. In this way, I get the pollination support I need when and where I need it, while also conserving bee strength. I have a vibration of win-win as far as resource management is concerned and could be deeply useful to the human community as you transform your world to one of greater cooperation and conservation.

Brown Eyed Evening Primrose is also pictured in the opening shot in the Mojave Desert

Brown Eyed Evening Primrose Camissonia clariformis

“Sweet, sweet ones. I am a gentle friend. I know how the accumulation of abusive experiences in your life, especially in your life as a child, can leave you wearing bitterness as a protective garment. I help you integrate these events and use them to experience the sweetness of life.

My wisdom is hard won. Don’t think of my gentleness as a sign I am not strong.* My stem of maroon and red indicates my own difficult evolution in trying and abusive situations. My Flower’s maroon eye indicates my initial reaction of bitterness to what happened in my world. My expansive white petals, building from this maroon eye, indicate that I found my way through to an experience of life and view of the world that is both true and sweet. My incorporation of my maroon eye and maroon stem indicates how I treasure what I learned from my difficulties and consequently how much I honor your experiences. I reach out to you in your difficulties and offer my sweet love and my roadmap to a new place. My vibration salutes all you have been through, acknowledges why bitterness was a necessary part of your healing journey**, and finally offers you a way to unburden yourself from your sorrows so you are truly free to embrace life fully.

* I can attest to this determined strength. When I tried to write this definition the computer froze several times and most of what I wrote was lost. When I realized Brown Eyed Evening Primrose wanted to speak for itself, things went smoothly.

** Brown Eyed Evening Primrose says about bitterness, “The wounds are deep from abusive experiences. Bitterness can offer a needed layer of protection for the wound. As healing progresses, this bitterness can become a limitation and not a help. At this point in your healing journey, I help you let go of the bitterness.”


Chia Salvia Columbariae
Vitality! Life Force! Stamina! Vibrant Good Health! Energy! Exuberance! Yes! Chia is a traditional and treasured food and medicine of the Native American community. The seed from this intense blue, strongly scented Wildflower is said to be so nourishing that a tablespoonful of seeds can keep a man alive for a day.


Desert Chicory Rafinesquia neomexicana
These elegant Wildflowers are white with maroon striping on the outside of each ray Flower. This gives the underside of this aster like Wildflower a dramatic striped appearance, while from above, Desert Chicory is pure white. As with Brown Eyed Evening Primrose, Desert Chicory’s focus on the resolution of formative experiences of abuse is indicated by its coloring, in this case, maroon and white striping. In the formative buds, the maroon appears to predominate. In the mature Flower, white has carried the day. This transition from maroon and white to pure white indicates Desert Chicory’s successful integration and healing of the abuse experiences into a full and free flowering.

All our experiences eventually take us to the experience of our oneness with all life. This Flower helps us to feel we do not so much have to scrub our painful experiences of abuse from our energy systems to get to this place of oneness, as allow things to unfold with an inner confidence that healing will prevail. Not only does Desert Chicory give us a vibrational model for confidence in the outcome, it helps us relax into letting things unfold. One wound from traumatic experience is the impulse to “push the river” and try to orchestrate every piece of our own healing. This Essence helps us know we are not the only healing element in our journey, but that everything that is supports our healing and moves us towards an integrated experience of our oneness with life.


Desert Forget-Me-Not Cryptantha
This Wildflower is from a genus of hairy plants in the Borage family. This specific variety has delicate white Flowers with yellow eyes atop fuzzy stems and leaves. Many of the Cryptanthas hold remembrance of the desert environment before it became a desert. With Desert Forget-Me-Not, it not only remembers the once and future healed desert landscape there to be reborn one Flower at a time, but its gifts as a Flower Essence also help us remember ourselves before the difficulties of the world left their mark. We are helped to regain our childlike innocence, our joy and delight in the world, our sense of the world unfolding as a gift before us, not a punishment to be endured.

I AM the return of earthly delight.


Desert Gold Geraea canascens
Helps us know the abundant flow of the generous universe in times of what appear to be scarcity and lack.

I AM one with the generous universe.

Fremont Pincushion Chaaenactis fremontii
Fremont Pincushion Essence supports us to find balanced self-esteem. Because of its own evolution in an extremely harsh terrain, it is of particular support to those who have lived through similar harsh or abusive situations.

After traumatic or abusive experiences, it is difficult to avoid times of low self-esteem or the lonely place of, “I’m FINE without anyone else.” Neither grounds us in a genuine experience of our value. Fremont Pincushion helps us move through and integrate traumatic experiences to find a sense of self based on the truth that we are of equal value to all beings in an infinitely valuable universe. Fremont Pincushion helps us know this sense of our own value in an unshakeable but serene way. This composed sense of our own value does not depend on or waiver in the face of the opinions of others.

The maroon and red stems indicate Fremont Pincushion’s maturation in a difficult landscape. The solid, full, white blossom indicates the plant’s steady wisdom that knows, because each of us is divinity in a sea of divinity, our infinite self worth can never be challenged, let alone lost or diminished.

Purplemat Nama demissum
Purplemat encourages the childlike ability to experience less as more. A child can take mud, gravel, and a chipped cup and have a festive tea party. Purplemat helps us do likewise to savor, relish, and enjoy what we have with no thoughts of what we have not.

I AM Contentment.


The Three Phacelia Sisters
Fremont Phacelia Phacelia fremontii, Notched Leaf Phacelia Phacelia crenulata, and Death Valley Phacelia Phacelia vallis-mortae
These three Phacelias are Wildflowers in shades of purple. They asked to be combined into a single Essence offered at the price of one Flower Essence. Their Essence offers support to heal wounds caused by groups, especially those wounds inflicted by religious communities and families of origin. This sisterhood of Phacelias works on the etheric or memory body to heal this trauma.

The etheric holds memories from other incranations as well as all events in this life. Some of us have extremely deep wounds in our etheric bodies, registering that the same group of people in different guises have abused and traumatized us in more than one life. For example, someone who has been shunned or ostracized by a group in this life has often been shunned in other lives and often by the same group of souls. This leads to very deep wounds in the etheric body. The Three Phacelia Sisters offer information to these etheric wounds to heal and close these wounds once and for all, ending the cycle of abuse experiences.

“We go to the depths of the wound, to its core sorrow and gently ease it up into the light of day so it can be dissolved in the ocean of divine love. In most souls, a mistaken idea of self-lack snowballs into a deeply held self-judgment that is not true. This mistaken self-judgment can magnetize to you groups that will magnify this illusionary lack with their judgment and ostracism.

Our Essence helps you to root out the deeply held self-judgment, often a core belief that you are not aware of. Once this self-judgment is brought to light and consciousness, it dissolves. As you release this mistaken idea, you no longer attract the attention of groups unconsciously intent on playing on this illusion. With the illusion gone, so too goes the magnetic pull attracting these abusive groups.

Our gift as a Flower Essence is to help you access the core mistaken idea and help you move it into consciousness for its release. We know this can be a scary process to undertake, but we promise you that the relief on the far side of this release is well worth any pain involved in extricating the self-judgment. Think of it as similar to the removal of a splinter; how so much tissue can be inflamed by a tiny splinter and how much better it feels when the splinter is rooted out and gone. This is our territory and our expertise. Let us help.”

I AM freedom from all mistaken ideas of self.

At Druid Rock
Druid Rock
White Flower at Druid Rock
This is a powerful Wildflower of Rebirth. It was found in mid March in blossom in the Sierra Nevada at an elevation of about 6,000 feet. The surrounding terrain of dramatic rock and late spring snow showed no signs of greening plant life, yet here were these blossoms. Its exquisite delicacy belies its immense strength, for it is no small feat to prevail in such conditions. White Flower at Druid Rock explains its strength as a Flower Essence, “I will bring you to the new life awaiting you. If the cogs are jammed and the birth is not flowing, I will midwife you to where you need to go. I bring you home.”

I asked this reserved Flower if it meant death when it used the word “home” and it replied, “I speak as symbolically as I can to indicate the diverse kinds of transformative rebirths I support. Each new life I midwife is the right one for the soul who is going through the transformation. There are so many kinds of births and deaths. No need to fear any of them. New life comes in myriad forms. I help them all come with more ease.”

Woolly Easter Bonnets Eriophyllum wallacei
This adorable yellow daisy Wildflower rises a few short inches off the ground on fuzzy white stalks, then bursts into an abundance of yellow Flowers with yellow hearts. Its Essence offers a road map for sturdy good cheer. Woolly Easter Bonnets helps us to see sunshine on a cloudy day. It is excellent for times when our daily life is challenging and we need support to find the bead on cheerfulness. Cheerfulness is a divine attribute worthy of pursuit. This Wildflower supports us in this pursuit.

I AM good cheer no matter the situation.

April Fool’s Day

Today I tried to upload the photographs and the definitions for the new Desert Wildflower Essences, but so far the joke is on me, as I have had new and mysterious blog problems. Ben is on the job so hopefully we will resolve this pronto. In the meantime, the indomitable crocuses have arrived!