Why Bother?

So you throw a garden together that is different, even weird, in a cooperative effort with Angels and Elementals. Why does it matter? Why would a funky vegetable garden be important? Why would the Angels and Elementals of the Nature kingdom care whether you did this or not? Why bother?

The dynamics of Nature in isolation from humanity and Nature being trashed by humanity are old dynamics for the planet, for humanity, and for the Angels and Elementals. It’s time for all of us to inhabit a new form. Maybe we can limp along in the old form, maybe not. In either case, it is a dead form. The planet calls us to a new level of cooperative effort for the sake of its evolution and ours too.

Cooperative efforts bring us exactly what we need for our own evolution because they expand our understanding of self. What is our spiritual work if not self realization? This is both a process of owning our shadow and also owning our divinity. If we own our shadow, we stop trashing the planet unconsciously and make atonement for what we have done. We also know ourselves more completely, the good, the bad and the ugly. If we own our divinity, we realize that we are co-creators of this planet and act accordingly. These actions as co-creators greatly expand our definition of self.

If all this bounces off as just some more mind ideas, let the possibility of working cheek by cheek with the Angels and Elementals sink into your heart and feel it in your body. Perhaps feeling the joyful possibilities will inspire you as this experience of possibility inspired me.

From the moment I heard about Findhorn, I knew cooperative efforts with the Angels and Elementals mattered. I can’t explain why I felt this so passionately, but I did. For one thing, knowing of cooperative opportunities helped transform my despair about our trashing of the planet into hope. And my experiences transformed hope into body wisdom.

Almost twenty years into my conscious cooperative work with the Angels and Elementals of Nature, I know that if even a small number of us work with these partners on cooperative garden projects, it can help Earth. A Lot. A garden like the Venus Garden is a candle going into a dark room. It offsets a lot of dark with its one seemingly small light. I know more of us can light candles. I would love us to do this for the Elementals, to restore their wavering faith in us. I would love us to do this for the Angels, who never waiver in their faith in us. But if not for the Angels and Elementals, let’s do these gardens to help each other, because the gardens really do help. Really.

I know this. It isn’t a supposition I have. In my life, it is a fact. Way back when I created my first garden with the Angels and Elementals, it wasn’t just the size and stunning beauty of the produce that surprised me. It was the number of people and animals that found themselves drawn to the gardens that surprised me. During the season of my first cooperative efforts, dozens of unfamiliar dogs arrived of their own volition in the gardens. One afternoon, two dogs from a town forty miles away hiked over the hilly terrain between their home and the gardens to check out the healing vibrations. Their people said they had never done anything like that before.

Unexpected canine visitors weren’t the only surprise visitors. One beautiful evening I looked out the window into the main vegetable garden and noticed twenty or thirty people I didn’t know wandering in the garden. This happened all the time. People wouldn’t even know how they got there. Often they wanted to stay all night. It felt so good in those gardens. More like home than home. And this was before the Flower Essences, when the farm was just a dream taking form. Our gardens were young and full of the same Flowers and vegetables in most gardens, but they didn’t feel ordinary. Opening to receive help from the consciousness of Nature took the vibrations of this land into another stratosphere. Visiting people knew it. Cats knew it. Dogs knew it. The board of selectmen of our town, who were getting complaints about traffic jams on our dirt road, knew it.

Several years into gardening with the Angels and Elementals a couple of willing gardeners and I decided to open the gardens more officially for visitors. We printed fifty posters. Half of the posters were used by our kids for wall decorations. Yet we had people come from all over the world in response to this advertising. We witnessed so many incredible moments in the gardens, moments of profound healing which are with me still. The gardens and the Angels and Elementals were so incredibly generous in their love. We had planned to have garden tours with tea two days a week. We expected maybe a dozen people each visitor’s day. Instead, crowds of people streamed in night and day, twenty four seven that summer and kept on arriving into the fall even when there was snow on the ground. A group even gathered on New Year’s Day. People are that thirsty for what pours out of the ground when you work with the Angels and Elementals. It feels that good.

We have morphed into a quieter place with few visitors now, but the love from the Angels and Elementals only expands and expands. As I have explained before, we closed the gardens because the Angels and Elementals said building up the vibrational energies in the gardens by closing the gardens was the way to create the highest vibration Flower Essences. And they said Flower Essences would bring the healing energies of the gardens to a vastly bigger group of people and animals all over the world than garden tours. I am grateful that I have gotten to be part this expanded flood of love called Green Hope Farm Flower Essences. I am grateful that something inside me was wise enough to take the Angels and Elementals up on their call to work together.

The Angels and Elementals want to work with whomever wants to work with them. There is no top secret code word needed to get on board, no grueling gauntlet to be run in order to get the chance to work with the Angels and Elementals. You need no special gifts or special tools to work together. I don’t think a garden plot is even necessary. I have seen some amazing cooperative efforts in big planters, plastic ones at that. From the beginning, we have had no high tech equipment. Our most sophisticated tool is a pair of clippers. We use organic soil amendments, sometimes this being a fancy word for manure, and a wheelbarrow. We weed by hand, usually on our knees. Some of our seeds come from the racks in the local grocery store though some come from my favorite seed house, Seed Savers Exchange. I don’t think there is anything out of range of most people about a garden with the Angels and Elementals. They are the most equal opportunity employers you could find. They just need volunteers.

To work with the Angels and Elementals in your garden is to surrender to something so profound and so healing. They will give so much more than is conceivable to your cooperative endeavour. I needed to sit here and feel this again this afternoon. I just heard some more dire news on global warming. As I settle into my heart to recall our early cooperative work together, I am reminded that the Angels and Elementals of Nature already have a clear picture of where we are, exactly how bad the global warming is, and they are ready to help us heal the Earth and ourselves, one cooperative garden project at a time.