April First!

Well its nine in the morning here and I have already pulled Deb’s leg with an enormous immensely complicated fake order!

I sent the order to her by email from one of the kid’s miscellaneous accounts asking for very vast quantities of strange things to be sent overnight- Then I went into see her reaction to the order. She was so cheerful about getting us geared up to fulfill an order which would have taken Hercules seven days!

So then, I called her and pretended to be the woman who had placed this order, determined to make it more complicated until she realized it was a joke, BUT she remained unflappable in the face of everything I could throw at her!

The joke was definitely on me!

Finally, I confessed and we all got a good laugh and she has returned to the usual bustle of normal orders- which with all the bad press that products like Frontline are getting has certainly included some epic sized orders of late.

Meanwhile, I am going outside for a bit to move a mountain of my own, a pruning pile from the grape arbor- and maybe think up my next joke!


And before I forget, the Animal Wellness brochures are here. We have them in two versions, one with our ordering information and one without. Call or email if you’d like some and let us know which version you want. Early feedback is good. Mishka supervised my unloading of the boxes and indicated that they met her exacting standards.


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