Around the Soltstice

Emmy and Elizabeth weeded the Red Shiso at the beginning of the week and I weeded it again today in a soft rain. We have had great germination and now just need to keep the slugs off the tender baby plants.


Despite daily rain, punctuated by wild storms of hail and high winds, we continue to smell the Flowers and tie them up after they get knocked over by the weather. The Roses are so beautiful right now. Their perfume fills the whole garden.


The textures and colors in the herb and Rose garden are so lovely right now.


The center circle of Catmint, (Nepeta Blue Hills Giant ) sets off all the Roses especially the Mary Rose which grows up in the middle of this circle.The lime green of the Angelica in the foreground contrasts nicely with the soft gray Lamb’s Ear (Stachys lanata). I made an Essence from Lamb’s Ear for the first time this week. Hopefully next week I can post a description of this gem and some of the other new Flower Essences I have been making.


Across this garden, the Crambe Cordifolia contrasts with the maroon of the Smoke Tree (Cotinus coggygria purpureus). Smoke Tree was a small Flowering tree that I had never seen until I moved to New Hampshire. It seems to like this climate and flourishes with little supervision in the dooryards of many old New Hampshire farms.


There is a white Rose on the other side of the Smoke Tree that also benefits from the Smoke Tree’s dusky tones.
The Clematis and Peonies also outrageous at the Solstice. So much beauty!

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