Lightning Strikes

A thunderstorm blew through yesterday bringing hail

and a lightning strike that took down a pine tree in the hedgerow between the two main hayfields of the farm.

Both Jim and Will saw the lightning strike the tree.  It was a dramatic moment of orange fire and and exploding tree parts.

After the storm had passed we went down into the fields to inspect the damage.

The Pine broke in two about half way up.

The top of the tree was thrown to the south east of the trunk.

Limbs were buried deep into the ground.

Slivers of barrels branches like this one encircled the tree. I love the pines down in this part of the farm and was sad to see it go.

Here Will beats a retreat back up the hedgerow before another thunderstorm arrives.  Will graduated from college on Sunday.  It is amazing to realize that the baby who inspired Meatballs for Breakfast and so many Babies of Light Flower Essences is now sailing out into the world! Congrats Will!