April Notes


Eleven degrees this morning with more snow on the ground than at any point all last winter. April Fool’s Day lingers for all of us in the northeast!

What else does April have in store for us?

One thing I hope will be on the docket for us is the launch of our online ordering system. Our delay boiled down to a search for one piece of paper. To implement the online payment system we had to find the ORIGINAL document in which we were assigned our employer identification number. Since we got this number three decades ago, finding this original document proved more complex than one might imagine. However we now have the document.

Speaking of ordering, we got a call from someone in our small town who gets a lot of our calls when people misdial Green Hope Farm’s phone number. Apparently folks calling us leave messages on her family’s answering machine frequently. She does NOT pass these messages on to us nor does she plan to. In addition, her family’s answering machine does NOT indicate who you have reached, and she does NOT plan to change her message to redirect people. If the machine message does not say THANK YOU FOR CALLING GREEN HOPE FARM right away, you have not reached Green Hope Farm! Please try again and dial 603-469-3662 My apologies about this state of affairs!

On a sweeter note, our greenhouse is full of plant babies. All these young friends gives us hope that this streak of cold and snow will pass and soon we will be back in the gardens preparing the beds and visiting with all our beloved Flower friends, old and new.