Hello Again!

Over the holidays, we left the serious snow and all access to the computer behind….. to camp in one of our favorite places, St. John in the US Virgin Islands.

Among other things, it was a chance to re-aquaint ourselves with lots of beloved plant friends including


this gorgeous Papaya

and this Jerusalem Thorn Tree, sporting an iguana in its branches.

The island was in better shape vibrationally than it had been two years ago when we were last there. Because there have been fewer hurricanes, the water was cooler so the coral was healthier. The sea urchin population, so important to reef health, was also on the rebound.

On land, there were many Flowers blooming that I had not seen before and all the plant life seemed more vibrant.

I was particularly delighted to encounter honeybees everywhere we went. I had never seen honeybees on St. John before. With their gifts of balancing the vibration of land, I give them a lot of the credit for bringing the landscape of St. John back into better balance and harmony.

Here a honeybee, laden with pollen, heads for the flowers of Sea Plum (chrysobalanus icaco) on St. Francis beach.

Chickens on the beach were also something new, though none of us credit them with anything but an ability to eat our snacks every time we turned our back.


I made a lot of Flower Essences, both old and new and took pictures of the Flowers in their natural environment. I look forward to sharing these Essences and these pictures with you in blogs to come.


We’ll dive into all this in the next few weeks!

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