And YOU will lead the way

Within the next month we hope to have the new website launched. It is going to be a thing of beauty and much easier to navigate. AND UP TO DATE!

So many features will actually work- like the search function! Oh, we can’t wait for it to be in your hands!

Typical of me, I did not understand what an enormous undertaking it would be to start completely over and rewrite all content and redesign everything. Jim is much better at understanding the amount of time something will take. While I often say to him things like, “Could you throw me up a tool shed over the weekend?”, he will respond with something like, “Yes, but it is going to take me five weeks to do it not a weekend.”

So while I imagined we would just throw together this new website in a couple of weeks, the truth is that Katie has been building it since mid April with Ben and me joining her efforts this summer.

Today is a rainy day which will make it just that much easier to stay glued to my computer as I work on filters for how you all will be able to find Flower Essences for specific concerns.

At this point I have rewritten the content from the Guide to put onto the website both as information you see immediately and as articles you can open via links.

There has been and will continue to be much discussion of where we go from here in getting you all the information you want and need for understanding Flower Essences. In truth, we are looking to you to lead us. We will want all your feedback about decisions we have made. And decisions we will make. Katie has built in a lot more feedback systems- One of them is asking you to send me questions you want me to address here. I look forward to seeing what you ask.

The one thing I am sure of about this site reboot is that Katie Carpenter and Ben Sheehan were the right team for this project. This will be a much more tactile, visually beautiful, more three dimensional and interactive site thanks to them.

I truly can’t wait for you to take possession of it. Right now, to expedite this transfer, I have more documents that need my attention. What bliss it was to pass off big chunks of information to Katie and Ben in the past couple days. Now I will tackle these last tasks to make sure the filters are as they should be. You will be able to pick a topic from a bar of choices and our Flower Essence suggestions for that topic will be there for you with all their information from photograph to I AM affirmation to description of its strengths as a Flower Essence.

But not until I finish my part in the filters.

It’s been so great to think about every Flower Essence in our collection. I feel closer than ever to all of them. Hopefully you too will feel this way soon!